A POWERHOUSE that can shake the foundation but possesses the SENSITIVITY
that will warm you from the inside out.
Every time she opens her mouth, it is guaranteed that you‘ll feel the meaning
of EVERY word be it GOSPEL, R&B, SOUL or JAZZ.


…A vessel touched by and filled with HIS supernatural power;
allowing the energy to flow to everyone near.

…I am not perfect nor am I the best, but I can guarantee musical pleasure
and satisfaction every time.

…With each day that passes, I discover more of ME
and through the processes of life, the complete ME will be revealed!


Embracing music from the womb Dorrey Lin Lyles has mastered the art of transforming any genre of music into soulful enlightenment and satisfaction. Born June 1970, unto Charles & Lynnette Lyles, her name prophesied her life of music…Do-Re-Mi-Fa…etc. Dorrey sang her first note on that very night and continues to lift her voice like a trumpet in Zion.

There is a scripture and phrase that continually encourages Dorrey and she shares it every chance she gets…Romans 8:18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us… “WHAT’S TO COME IS BETTER THAN WHAT’S BEEN!” As you continue to read you will truly appreciate her illustration.

In her earlier years, Dorrey had formed a musical group called The Chosen Ones. The Chosen Ones consisted of eager, talented and God-hungry young people that ministered together until the group disbanded. Years later after growth and transformation Dorrey formed another expression of God’s love, The Tribe Of Judah (East). The passion she possessed for music and ministry allowed her and continues to allow her to be a part of many singing aggregations. She lends her talent to the music ministry of John Howard’s Gospel Caravan and Tyscot Recording Artist Franklin “Bubby” Fann, Jr. & Unlimited Praise. Dorrey has toured Europe with the Harlem Gospel Singers, the Philadelphia Singers, The Very Best of Black Gospel Singers and Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & The Best of Harlem Gospel spreading the good news and gospel of Jesus Christ. She continues to develop and recently stepped up from doing background vocals to becoming one of the World renowned, ‘Weather Girls‘.

Through her travels to such places as Africa, Germany, Greece, Russia and many many more she has spread the love of Jesus Christ, yet also continues in humility to serve in the ministry through organizing and leading healing workshops; mending more than vocals. Having an inspiration for change, through Christ she is gifted with the ability to reach into the depths of your soul activating the strength and authority that is placed within. Her tools of worship through the gift of song, preaching, directing, or teaching are not limited but expanded to translate throughout the land the joy of Jesus Christ to all. She brings life to each syllable; transcending each note delivered into healing waters, true therapy for what ails the heart.


Dorrey’s professional stage performances include FOOTLOOSE as Eleanor Dunbar, THE HOT MIKADO as Katisha, The Greek Chorus in the comedic musical HOW TO SAVE THE WORLD AND FIND TRUE LOVE IN 90 MINUTES, BOYS FROM SYRACUSE as The Courtesan, Lucille G. Bradshaw in the gospel musical IN MAHALIA’S LIGHT and Dr. Geraldine Pittman-Woods in the staged reading of BLACKFOOTNOTES.

But none of these accomplishments outweigh her elation about being the proud mother of one daughter, Brittany. It has proven to be an overwhelming joy to share the stage with her as she continues to grow.

A perfectly combined mixture of Gospel, Jazz, Soul, & Blues guarantees a Sexy & Intoxicating Musical Experience. Her mission is to tap into the soul of man releasing an energy that’ll flow to the very fibers of any being. Creating a melody that permeates hearts and crosses all barriers destroying ignorance and uniting souls to create ONE FAMILY. Dorrey Lin Lyles is the epitome of allowing GOD’s love, truth & treasure to flow through the art of living life AWAKE. She proves the words of her song daily, “I’m Not a victim, I’M A VICTOR”.